Live Sent: Are You Sending a Message with Your Life?

by Jason C. Dukes
I have not met a follower of Jesus yet who, when asked to define church, does so as a place or an event. Everyone has said that the church is people. Why is it then that how those … read more

God's Promises Fulfilled

by Lou Hornberger
Joshua 1:1b-6; 11:16-19, 21-23 California’s governor, Jerry Brown, made several promises in his gubernatorial campaign; and the United States Supreme Court has indirectly… read more

A Lesson in Respect

by Missy Buchanan
On a recent flight to DFW, I was seated behind two US servicemen dressed in crisp white uniforms and shiny black shoes. Their seat mate was an older man who seemed genuinely… read more

Who Is Whispering?

by Dirk deVries
When the tall grass sways and genuflects:Who is whispering?When the lightning slices the night clouds:Who is grumbling?When the ambulance shrieks past your sleeping household:Who… read more


by Dirk deVries
Why do I do the things I do?Why do I think the things I think?Why do I feel the way I feel? Little one, never fear the questions. read more

Tree of Life

by Lou Hornberger
For the first time in Haiti’s 207 years of independence, the office of president, and all the power therein, has passed peacefully from one elected president to another from … read more
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