Telling Our Stories and Growing as Disciples

by Roger Frederick
Storytelling has been a staple of human culture since the beginning, but I wonder how many of us today understand the power of these holy conversations for nurturing disciples. As … read more

Leadership for Introverts

by Olu Brown
As a kid I was pretty normal. I played sports with my friends, enjoying all of the exciting kids’ stuff young people do. As I stumbled through adolescence and into my… read more

From Last Call to My Call

by Jerry Herships
After more than ten years of on-and-off bartending, I made the leap and accepted my call to ordained ministry. From the time it was suggested to the time the Bishop placed her… read more

A Pastor's Sabbath

by Judith Jenkins Kohatsu
How is it with your soul? My anxiety level begins to rise when I encounter questions like that one. Here it comes: another clergy self-care tirade. Or worse, it is one of the… read more

Collaborative Preaching and Holy Conversation

by Matthew L. Kelley
“What?! How can the Bible say that?! That’s complete garbage!”This is something you might hear on a typical Tuesday night at Starbucks on Madison Street in… read more

Tithing, but...

by J. Clif Christopher
The other day I was visiting with a young man who was a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. He was telling me about his father who lived in another city but one not too… read more
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