Not a One-Night Stand: Reaching the Homeless and Marginalized

by John Flowers, Karen Vannoy
Throughout our ministry we have coordinated mission work and supported local cooperative efforts. Our volunteers would go to the mission site, cook and serve pancakes or… read more

Marriage Enrichment in Your Church

by Steve and Judith Hill
In solicited comments from the “people-on-the-street” asking which relationship in their lives they would most like to improve, almost 87% of those questioned said… read more

50 Ways to Pray - eBook

Subscription Only
by Ms. Teresa A. Blythe
For individual or group use“It is my hope that this book will provide at least fifty ways you may take steps in a lifelong walk with God. It is written for you, the seeker and… read more

Tending Body, Heart, Mind, and Soul - eBook

Subscription Only
by Mary Jane Gorman
Includes Discussion Questions We hear a lot about what Jesus said. But what did he do? How did he live? During the days of his ministry, how did he care for his own body, heart… read more

Seeing Jesus - eBook

Subscription Only
by Kim V. Engelmann
Seeing Jesus contains a series of short reflections that help the reader see God at work in our daily lives. Though Jesus is an ever-present reality in our lives, we often fail to … read more

This Day (Regular Edition) - eBook

by Dr. Laurence Hull Stookey
Dr. Laurence Stookey of Wesley Seminary has created this resource to serve as a daily prayer book for the home and personal use. The book is also designed for use by individuals… read more
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