Giving Kids a View of the World

by Kristen Welch
In the spring of 2010, I traveled to Africa with Compassion International to blog about their relief efforts. I went to change the world. Instead, it rocked mine. I saw Jesus in… read more

Talking to Kids about bin Laden

by Bromleigh McCleneghan
A friend gave thanks, on hearing of the death of Osama bin Laden, that our dear president released this news on a Sunday evening. Just 24 hours earlier, such an announcement would … read more

Teaching Kids Worship Skills

by Carolyn C. Brown
When we invite children to join us in the congregation’s worship, we invite them to an activity unlike anything else they experience during the week. If we want them to… read more

Sitting in Church

by Jessica Miller Kelley
A while back, I was chatting with a few other women about the difficulties of taking small children to church. I've lamented before how not having a church nursery was stressful… read more

Children Lead Mother's Day Worship

by Delia Halverson
Mother's Day is about mothers, not children, right? Wrong! Without children there would be no mothers! So why not involve children in your Mother’s Day celebration?… read more

The Case for Infant Baptism

by Jessica Miller Kelley
Ten years ago, I never would have thought I would baptize my children as infants. In the Disciples of Christ tradition in which I was raised, a voluntary confession of faith was… read more
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