Children's Church: Gateway, Not Detour

by Carolyn C. Brown
Worship is the heart of the congregation. Members of the community gather in sacred space to retell the Story that shapes their lives and to celebrate who they are with important… read more

How to plan for VBS

by Betsy Parham
Planning is key to a successful Vacation Bible School, but even with the turnkey nauture of curriculum packages, the number of tasks can be overwhelming for the program director… read more

First Sundays: The Life of PKs

by Jennifer Rodriguez
By 9 a.m., we are in the car and headed toward our new church. Last week, we toured the facility but this time the eyes of the congregation will focus on us, watching our every… read more

Why You Need a Cry Room

by Jessica Miller Kelley
Have you ever had to wrangle a squirmy, cranky baby in the middle of a church service? There are people all around you trying to listen, pray, and otherwise participate in… read more

Called to Both Ministry & Motherhood

by Jennifer Irvine Goto
I'm new at this. My son, Dakota, is just a year old and my Certificate for Probationary Membership was recently hung on my office wall. My son is still of the age that I'm… read more

Children's Church of KUMC of Greater Washington

by Kay Hwang
The Korean-American immigrant church in the United States recently celebrated its centennial. Over 256 Korean-American United Methodist churches have been created, ministering all … read more
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