Don't Do VBS Alone

by Glenys Nellist
It was the summer of 2000. My husband and I had just arrived in the U.S. to pastor a small village church and were invited to attend VBS. We had never experienced VBS while… read more

VBS in the Small Church

by Vivian Martin
Does it really matter? YES! Teaching in a church setting can be an exhilarating experience as well as an anxious undertaking. And, because of the uniqueness of a small church… read more

Countdown to VBS

by Nancy Speas Hill
You’ve picked your curriculum; you’ve sent out the invitations; you’ve recruited most of your volunteers.  The big pieces are covered, but now Vacation… read more

Why Do VBS?

by Betsy Parham
Why should churches provide vacation Bible school? Churches should be eager to provide vacation Bible school, since it offers a unique approach to Christian education during the… read more

Vacation Bible School Ideas

by Judy Comstock
Vacation Bible school has been around for a long time as a traditional summer program. Most publishers pack creative thematic activities into their VBS curriculum. Even so, a few… read more

How to plan for VBS

by Betsy Parham
Planning is key to a successful Vacation Bible School, but even with the turnkey nauture of curriculum packages, the number of tasks can be overwhelming for the program director… read more
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