Load Up!

by Kevin Alton
It's Labor Day weekend! Our last hurrah before bidding adieu to summer once again. Some families take the opportunity to head out of town for a brief end-of-summer vacation. We… read more

Youth and Gossip

by Jenny Youngman
It’s August now, and summer freedom has given way to routines, dress codes, and extracurricular commitments. Back to school means a regular daily rhythm, a focus on… read more


by Robert St. John
We all have either experienced or observed bullying. Bullying is something we see almost every day—a person being called a name, being shoved, being made fun of, being… read more

Covering Up

by Melissa Slocum
While coverups have been prominent in the news this year, they are nothing new. For as long as people have sinned, they have lied about and attempted to conceal their… read more

The Boy Who Lived and the God Who Loves

by Mike Poteet
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 “expelliarmus”-ed old box-office records faster than a Golden Snitch flies, boasting the highest-grossing opening weekend… read more

Youth 3-Step Worship Center

by Marcey Balcomb
Here is a simple, 1-2-3 way to involve youth in creating a worship center. I have used it as part of a study series on worship, prayer, and symbols of our faith. It is also great… read more
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