The Power of the School Calendar

by Josh Tinley
As kids and teachers have gotten back in the swing of a new school year, Christian educators have been launching a new year of Sunday school, Bible studies, and programming… read more

Not-So-Great Expectations

by Shane Raynor
Have you ever noticed that some people become negative when the conversation turns to spiritual matters? I’m an optimist, and I like to encourage people to stretch… read more

Made of Time

by Kevin Alton
Sarah has a lot going on. She plays in three school sports a year, each of which involves daily practices during the season and regular workouts in the off-season. As a favor to… read more

Hopeful Waiting

by Adam Thomas
Starting something new begins with inspiration. But for the vast majority of folks, inspiration is not something they can just turn on like a faucet. Inspiration is something we… read more

Cheating and Competing

by Randy Horick
Even before the 2011 college football season kicked off, the season’s dominant story line had been established: cheating and corruption. Skirting (or entirely flouting) NCAA … read more

The SpongeBob Effect

by Shane Raynor
The American Academy of Pediatrics told us this week that SpongeBob Squarepants may be contributing to Attention Deficit Disorder in kids. They didn’t say it in those exact… read more
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