Etta and Billie

by Jan Turrentine
At the very large high school I attended, students were assigned to homerooms and lockers based on grade, sex, and first letter of last name. Homeroom is where I first encountered … read more

X-Men and the Ekklesia

by Mike Poteet
In this summer’s slew of blockbuster comic-book movies, some superheroes (Thor, Captain America) operate as solo acts, while others work as a team. X-Men: First Class… read more

The Big Reveal

by Kevin Alton
In February, a years-old rumor came to fruition: The iPhone 4 came to Verizon Wireless. Until then the iPhone had been bound by an exclusivity contract with AT&T. Those who… read more

Building Excitement for Summer Mission Work

by Todd Outcalt
Make no mistake about it: Helping youth get excited about summer mission work is, well, work. Young people have so much to choose from; athletic camps sponsored by famous… read more

Born this Way

by Katie Z. Dawson
A good friend shared with me a post by Brian Kirk called "Lady Gaga, Lent, Teens, and Original Sin." It is a good read, but there are a few tweaks that I might have made to his… read more

Starting a Youth Choir (and Going on Tour!)

by Chris Green
My very first church asked me to begin a youth choir. As youth director, I had the job of providing spiritual guidance to teenagers and give them experiences in sharing the… read more
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