4 Tips to Increase Youth Attendance

by Abingdon Youth
We all know how hard it is to build--and keep--a critical mass of young people in your youth program. Activities compete for their time, enthusiasm waxes and wanes, and the rest… read more

Etta and Billie

by Jan Turrentine
At the very large high school I attended, students were assigned to homerooms and lockers based on grade, sex, and first letter of last name. Homeroom is where I first encountered … read more

X-Men and the Ekklesia

by Mike Poteet
In this summer’s slew of blockbuster comic-book movies, some superheroes (Thor, Captain America) operate as solo acts, while others work as a team. X-Men: First Class… read more

The Big Reveal

by Kevin Alton
In February, a years-old rumor came to fruition: The iPhone 4 came to Verizon Wireless. Until then the iPhone had been bound by an exclusivity contract with AT&T. Those who… read more

Building Excitement for Summer Mission Work

by Todd Outcalt
Make no mistake about it: Helping youth get excited about summer mission work is, well, work. Young people have so much to choose from; athletic camps sponsored by famous… read more

Born this Way

by Katie Z. Dawson
A good friend shared with me a post by Brian Kirk called "Lady Gaga, Lent, Teens, and Original Sin." It is a good read, but there are a few tweaks that I might have made to his… read more
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