Starting a Youth Choir (and Going on Tour!)

by Chris Green
My very first church asked me to begin a youth choir. As youth director, I had the job of providing spiritual guidance to teenagers and give them experiences in sharing the… read more

Going Gaga for God's Light

by Mike Poteet
Holy Week is long gone, but Judas stays in the spotlight—at least in pop music. The second single from Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way, “Judas,”… read more

Helping Youth Understand the Bible

by Tim Gossett
To youths, the Bible is like no other book, and not only because of its content. Just about everything about the Bible is different — the two-column layout, the crinkly… read more

Crazy Days of Summer

by Ministry Matters
Youth programs vary drastically when it comes to summer involvement. For some youth groups, summer is a time for growth and renewal after a busy school year, for others it can be… read more

Imagination Is a Gift From God

by Josh Tinley
I attended an international gathering and I must confess that I was mildly disturbed by the  T-shirt selection. All of the shirts were heavyweight, 100% cotton tees, and each … read more

The One Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins!

by John O. Gooch
This bumper sticker appeared on the rear of an expensive European sports car. It seemed to be a perfect expression of how our culture values the acquisition of wealth and all of… read more
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