The Art of Confirmation

by Sarah Arthur
Recently, I was invited to sit on a youth ministry panel entitled, “Will Today’s Youth Be Tomorrow’s Church?” The number of registrants to the conference… read more


by Abingdon Youth
Are you going to worship? When? Explore the idea of worshiping 24/7. From Veracity Video Vignettes Volume 1 "Do You Hear the Sound?" --Performed by Elias Dummer. © 2005 All … read more

'Winning' by Depending on God

by Melissa Slocum
For several months actor Charlie Sheen has been in the media spotlight. It all began when he was rushed to the hospital for abdominal pains and an apparent stomach hernia after an … read more

Know Your Story

by Reggie Dabbs
When kids realize they are not expected to be anything or do anything significant, those children’s lives can become stagnant pools of distracted water. There is no… read more

Saying 'I Do'

by Melissa Slocum
This weekend in London, Prince William of Wales—grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and successor to the thrones of the sixteen sovereign nations in the British… read more

When Schools Ban Rosaries

by Shane Raynor
I recently ran across an article about a high school student in St. Louis who was suspended for five days because he wore a rosary to school. The reason for the suspension… read more
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