The Walk

by Abingdon Youth
This "walk" provides an unforgettable glimpse into the Christian journey. Produced and Directed by John DeYoung "As It Unfolds" -- Performed by Ellie Grammer. Words and music by … read more

Youth and Worship Ministry

by David Lindner & Kevin Kruse
We live in the fastest paced society in history (at least history we know about). And with that pace comes a huge benefit – we get to do some amazing things that… read more

Power to God's People

by Jenny Youngman
Throughout history the world has seen monumental movements of an oppressed people rising up against corrupt leadership. Recently we’ve seen crowds in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen… read more

It's March Madness, Baby

by Kevin Alton
Unless this is your first March to live in the United States, you’ve no doubt experienced to some degree the frenzy that surrounds this spectacle: wild predictions… read more

Confirmation Dos and Don'ts

by John O. Gooch
Many pastors and congregations wonder how they can make the rite of confirmation more meaningful for both the youth being confirmed and the congregation. There is no magic… read more

6 Ways to Reinvent Confirmation

by Shane Raynor
Confirmation is a time when young people embrace being disciples of Jesus Christ. Churches that practice confirmation use it a rite of passage where youth essentially accept their … read more
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