Confirmation Dos and Don'ts

by John O. Gooch
Many pastors and congregations wonder how they can make the rite of confirmation more meaningful for both the youth being confirmed and the congregation. There is no magic… read more

6 Ways to Reinvent Confirmation

by Shane Raynor
Confirmation is a time when young people embrace being disciples of Jesus Christ. Churches that practice confirmation use it a rite of passage where youth essentially accept their … read more

Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation

by Emanuel Cleaver III
It is no secret that young adults are noticeably missing in the pews of many Christian congregations around the country. Among this generation of missing in action churchgoers is… read more

What Do You Dream?: Parenting and Congregational Care of Teens

by Charles Scully Stikes
How often do we ask our children, “What do you dream?” Not asking that question was a mistake I used to make. Now, I ask quite regularly. My work involves helping… read more

Helping them Hear the Call and Prepare for the Career: Raising Up Young People for Ministry

by Julie Peters
  In a time when the mainline church, including the United Methodist Church, is facing aging congregations and decline in membership, it becomes even more apparent that we… read more

Ready-to-Go Youth Group Activities - eBook

Subscription Only
by Todd Outcalt
Ready-Made Event Packages ...Just Add Youth Group FULLY LOADEDAll Options, Extras & Side Items IncludedThese ready-made event packages are completely accessorized… read more
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