New Year's: Great Thanksgiving

December 19th, 2011

This prayer is based on Revelation 21:1-6a including the response:
You, 0 God, make all things new.
       The home of God is among mortals. 
       We are glad God is here.
       Let us give God thanks and praise. 
       We are thankful for our lives, and praise God for blessings toward us. 
       We are grateful to you, 0 God,
         Creator of the new heaven and new earth,
         and of gifts yet to come, more than we can even imagine.
      You, 0 God, make all things new. 
      You dwell among us and call us to be your people.
      You dry the tears from our eyes. 
      You take away the power of death.
      You bring us through mourning and crying and pain to be with you. 
      You, 0 God, make all things new.
      In a surprising gesture, you came in human form to dwell among us.
      Through Jesus Christ, you turned the world upside down-
         healing our diseases, 
         teaching us new ways of thinking, 
         living with us into new ways of community,
         overcoming sin and death to rise again in newness of life.
      We remember his life, death and resurrection
         with thanksgiving. 
      You, 0 God, make all things new.
      Come now, with your Holy Spirit, and make us anew.
      Release us from our old burdens of hate and sorrow.
      Free us from our doubts and fears.
      Transform us into your people, full of love and joy, 
         ready to do justice and dwell with you.
      You, 0 God, make all things new.
      By your Spirit, bless these elements
         and use them in your transformation of us, 
         that Christ may indeed dwell in us
         and we in You, Great God, Three-in-One. Amen.

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