Worship Elements: May 5, 2019

March 27th, 2019

Third Sunday of Easter

COLOR: White
SCRIPTURE READINGS: Acts 9:1-6 (7-20); Psalm 30; Revelation 5:11-14; John 21:1-19


While this week’s scriptures do not expressly say, “Jesus is the light of the world,” this is the message conveyed in these passages. Through the risen Christ the veil of our personal egos, our fears, and our sins are all stripped away. Through the risen Christ we are no longer blind. Christ sheds light on the truth of our lives and the source of our salvation.


Call to Worship (Psalm 30, Revelation 5)

Lord, we come before you in joy,
clothed in the majesty of your glory.
We come to sing your praises.
Like the myriad faithful of old,
we proclaim the Lamb to be worthy
of blessing, honor, and glory.
We fall down before you in worship. Amen!

Opening Prayer (Psalm 30)

Compassionate, glorious God,
you hear our cries,
and our pleas for help.
We may enter the dark of night with weeping,
but we wake in the morning with joy,
for you hear our petitions
and come in our hour of need.
As we gather here in the name of your Son,
be with us we pray,
that we may know the dawn of your mercy,
and the sweet taste of your favor.


Prayer of Confession (Acts 9, Psalm 30)

God of Forgiveness,
hear now the confession of our sins.
Our greed and our lust for power
create enemies where we should find friends.
We fail to offer comfort and aid
to those who are afraid and beat down
by the burdens of life.
We are as blind and willful as Saul
to the pain and the destruction
of our wrongdoings
and our well-meaning crusades.
Forgive us, merciful One.
Give us sight to see with your eyes,
that we may bring hope peace to our world.

Words of Assurance (Acts 9, Psalm 30)

God’s anger lasts but a moment,
but God’s favor lasts a lifetime.
The Lord forgives our shortcomings
and sends deliverance through Christ,
just as the Lord forgave Saul
and used him to spread the gospel.
Thanks be to God!

Passing the Peace of Christ (Acts 9, Psalm 30)

Christ has taken the scales from our eyes and turned our
mourning into dancing. Rejoice with one another, remembering
that the peace of Christ is with you.
The peace of Christ is with you always.

Response to the Word (Acts 9, Psalm 30, Revelation 5, John 21)

Great is the glory of God, and great is God’s Son
who came to bring salvation to many.
To the one seated on the throne and to the Lamb,
blessing and glory and might forever and ever!


Invitation to the Offering (John 21)

The holy One has given us fish and bread for a lifetime. Let us now share from our bounty, that through our gifts, God’s will may be done.

Offering Prayer (Psalm 30)

Lord, accept these offerings,
given with joy as a token of our praise,
that they may be used in service to Christ.
Thanks be to God.

Invitation to Communion

As we come to the table of God’s heavenly feast,
let us prepare our hearts anew
to be in communion with one another
and with the risen Christ.
We come, ready to partake of bread and cup;
ready to commune with one another
and with the living God.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Gracious God, we give thanks that through Christ,
we live in your favor.
We give thanks that through Christ,
we come to the table of grace
partaking heavenly food
and the gift of salvation.
Like the great company of witnesses
who came to this table before us,
we are filled with gratitude and joy
for your many blessings.
We come before you
in praise and thanksgiving,
as we commit ourselves again
as members of the living body of Christ.


Benediction (Acts 9, Psalm 30)

Go forth from this place with your eyes wide open
as you journey into the wider world.
Love God and see Christ in each person you meet.
Give thanks always
and do not withhold love from any,
for we do not know who may yet turn to the light.


Contemporary Gathering Words (Psalm 30, Revelation 5, John 21)

Living Creator, the world teems with your beauty
and abounds with your artistry and grace.
We sing your praises, Lord,
as we celebrate the risen Christ.
Celebrate the risen Christ who walks with us
as we traverse the joys and fears of our lives.
We sing your praises, Lord,
as we celebrate the risen Christ.

Praise Sentences (Revelation 5, John 21)

Give boundless thanks to God
who causes the angels to sing.
Give boundless praise to Christ
who invites us to follow him.
Give boundless glory to the Spirit
who makes us one.

From The Abingdon Worship Annual edited by Mary J. Scifres and B.J. Beu, Copyright © Abingdon Press. 

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