Worship Elements: June 12, 2022

January 21st, 2022

Trinity Sunday

COLOR: White
SCRIPTURE READINGS: Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31; Psalm 8; Romans 5:1-5; John 16:12-15


In Proverbs, Wisdom calls out like a wise woman, warning and encouraging us at the crossroads of life. In Psalm 8, the call is about the nature of creation, while in Romans 5, the Lord calls out to us about faith, grace, and salvation in Christ. In John 16, the Holy Spirit beckons us into the path of truth. Wisdom is spiritual enlightenment, and in each of these readings, we find that she is calling us to a deeper understanding of and relationship with God.


Call to Worship (Proverbs 8, Romans 5, John 16)

To you, O people, Wisdom calls.
She calls out to each of us, beckoning us:
to experience peace in Christ,
to discover the truth of life,
to know true love as it is poured into our hearts.
Wisdom calls.
As we gather this day,
let us answer her call
as we celebrate faith
in the One who leads us into life.
(alternate ending)
in Jesus Christ as Lord.

Call to Worship (Psalm 8)

(The attributes of God are said by eight different people, scattered
throughout the worship space. The last phrase is said by
the worship leader.)
O Lord, our Sovereign,
your name is:
All-encompassing Lord,
your name is blessed in all the earth.

Opening Prayer (Proverbs 8, Psalm 8)

O Lord,
you reveal wisdom and spiritual insight
through your presence in creation.
When we look at the heavens,
we see your vastness.
When we look at seas teeming with fish
and verdant fields painted like a canvas,
we see your creativity and your bounty.
For all of this and so much more,
we praise your name. Amen.


Opening Prayer (Romans 5, John 16)

We thank you, O Lord,
that you give us love and peace
through Christ Jesus;
that you offer us the key to all spiritual knowledge
through your Holy Spirit.
For those who are in the midst of life’s problems,
grant your wisdom and insight from above.
For those who are burdened with anxiety and fear,
offer your wise assurance in times of need.
For those facing decisions about family or career,
bless them with your wisdom on high.
For those entering a new chapter in their lives,
be it the birth of children, taking new jobs,
finding a place to live, or entering retirement,
guide them on the proper path
and bless them with a sense of peace.
This we pray in the name and wisdom
of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayer of Confession (Proverbs 8, Psalm 8, Romans 5, John 16)

God of infinite mercy,
when we neglect the humbleness
of knowing our place in this world,
forgive us;
when we trade your peace and calls for unity
for conflict and violence,
forgive us;
when we forsake our good character,
to join those who scoff at your ways,
forgive us;
when we ignore your truth,
and turn away from your wisdom,
forgive us.
Forgive us and heal us, Lord,
that we may abide in your grace
and your love forever. Amen.

Words of Assurance (Romans 5)

Through the power of the Holy Spirit,
God fills our souls with grace and wisdom.
It is from this grace that we have hope.
It is from this wisdom that we know God’s love.
It is from the living God
that we find life and forgiveness.

Passing the Peace (Romans 5)

Since we have peace with God through Jesus Christ, let us stand and share this peace with one another.

Prayer of Preparation (Proverbs 8, Psalm 8, Romans 5, John 16)

Teach us your wisdom, O Lord,
that we may live wisely, not foolishly.
Open our minds to understand our place in the world,
that we may be proper stewards and caretakers
of this beautiful earth.
May your love and wisdom flow through us,
into this world of hatred and mistrust,
that we may sow the seeds of peace.
Illumine our hearts to the path of truth, Holy Spirit,
that we may celebrate the ways that lead to life. Amen.

Response to the Word (Proverbs 8)

The word of the Lord is wisdom
May we live as a people both good and wise.


Invitation to the Offering (Proverbs 8, Psalm 8)

Through holy wisdom, the Lord has made the world as a rich dwelling place, giving us dominion over the created order. As God is mindful of us and of our needs, let us now be mindful of our obligation to be good stewards, through our generosity and responsibility for God’s gifts.

Offering Prayer (Proverbs 8, Psalm 8)

O Lord,
we rejoice with thankful hearts,
that you have given us this beautiful world
in which to work and play—
a world full of your wisdom
and majesty;
we offer praise with deepest gratitude,
that you have blessed us with your bounty.
As we return a portion of your blessing to us,
use these offerings and tokens of our devotion:
to increase wisdom in the world,
to protect the created order,
to bless the vulnerable,
to heal the sick,
and to comfort the afflicted. Amen.

Invitation to Communion (Proverbs 8, Psalm 8, Romans 5, John 16)

(Consider using as a call and response between two readers)
Wisdom calls:
Come eat the bread of life.
Wisdom calls:
Come drink the cup of fellowship.
Wisdom calls:
Come partake of truth and grace.
Wisdom calls:
Come and be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

Communion Prayer (Proverbs 8, Psalm 8, Romans 5, John 16)

Almighty, majestic, and sovereign Lord,
our hearts are stirred by the power of your wisdom.
In the very elements of creation,
you have displayed your power and might
for every soul to perceive.
And yet, a deeper wisdom is revealed
in the bread and the cup.
We celebrate today that this wisdom is gained by faith,
and it is through grace that we may partake.
As we partake of these simple yet profound elements,
whisper into our hearts,
and speak the truth we long to hear.
Holy Spirit, guide us into truth about ourselves,
our world, our church, and your ways,
that we may be transformed.
Open our eyes to deep spiritual wisdom,
as we participate in the ancient work
of Holy Communion.


Benediction (Proverbs 8, Romans 5)

Through grace and peace,
may we have the wisdom to be transformed.
For suffering leads to endurance,
endurance gives rise to character,
and character produces hope.
In true hope, hope founded in God,
we are never disappointed.


Contemporary Gathering Words (Proverbs 8, Psalm 8, Romans 5)

I hear a noise. I hear a sound. Do you hear it?
It is Wisdom calling.
Where is she? Where can I find her?
She calls from the heights of the heavens
and speaks with truth on her lips.
May I come? May I learn?
Yes, you may come. You may learn.
Wisdom calls all people
to faith, peace, love, and hope.

Praise Sentences (Proverbs 8, Psalm 8, Romans 5, John 15)

Our Sovereign Lord is majestic,
filling our hearts with song.
Our Sovereign Lord is wise,
ennobling our minds with truth.
Our Sovereign Lord is gracious,
empowering our souls with strength.
Our Sovereign Lord is loving,
blessing us with peace.

From The Abingdon Worship Annual edited by Mary J. Scifres and B.J. Beu, Copyright © Abingdon Press. 

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