The Living Stone for Kids!

March 7th, 2014

Are you using The Living Stone worship series for Lent?

If so, we've provided a PDF download below with pages from the Deep Blue Kids Bible to use with your kids. They are designed to complement the series, not as a substitute for your regular children's studies.

Start Here

  1. First, download one copy of the PDF below to see what it includes.
    The PDF is four color.
  2. Collect maps and a Bible dictionary to demonstate using study tools.
  3. Provide yellow highlighters or yellow crayons so the kids can highlight the key verse on the PDF printouts. Copy the PDF for each child.
  4. An optional activity is to memorize the key verse with the kids. (We recommend using the Common English Bible, but you are welcome to use your favorite translation).
  5. Have fun; kids always appreciate the time you spend with them! How better to spend your time than reading the Bible together? Discussion questions are included on the PDF.
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