Connecting with Deep Blue: June 11, 2017

May 21st, 2017

Resources for connecting your church’s Deep Blue kids with worship this Sunday. (For more information about Deep Blue visit

Lectionary Connections

Genesis 1:1-2, 4a

You can find “The Earth” in the Deep Blue Bible Storybook on p. 2. Download the Deep Blue Bible Storybook App to interact with this story. [iOS/Android]

Psalm 8

Piggyback Psalm: “Refuge”

(Words: Emily La Branche Delikat, Based on Psalm 8 (CEB); Tune: “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”)

Our Lord, your name is majestic.
Majestic throughout the earth.
Our Lord, your name is majestic.
Majestic throughout the earth.
Glory! Glory!
Higher than the heavens.
Glory! Glory!
Oh Lord, how majestic you are.

Activity Suggestion: The word majestic may not be familiar to the children. Majestic means grand, supremely great, or royal. The children will likely know the word majesty as it pertains to a king or queen. On a large piece of paper or whiteboard, write the words majesty and majestic. Let the children think of and list things or people that who majesty or are majestic. Ask the children, “What is majestic about God?” Ask the children, “How is God like a king or queen? How is God different from a king or queen?”

Matthew 28:16-20

You can find “The Great Commission” in the Deep Blue Bible Storybook on p. 262.

Sunday School Connections

Unit 1: Courageous Bible People
Bible Verse: “Hope in the Lord! Be strong and let your heart take courage.” (Psalm 27:14)
Bible Story: The Book of Esther

Read the story in the Deep Blue Kids Bible from Esther, or in the Deep Blue Bible Storybook pp. 178-182.

From the “All Hands on Deck” resource for parents written by Brittany Sky:

“The book of Esther is notable for its lack of religiosity. God is not mentioned a single time in the book of Esther. The story is set in Persia during a time when there were many Jews living in Persia. Although Esther and Mordecai identify as Jews, they appear to have assimilated into Persian culture. Even though the worship of God is not mentioned outright, God’s presence is seen throughout the story. When the lives of the Jewish people are threatened, Esther wisely uses the power she is given for the good of her people. She accepts advice and encouragement from Mordecai along the way. Esther’s hope in God’s protection of the Jewish people enables her to have the courage to do her part.”

Check out the free printable “All Hands on Deck” resource.

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