10 Ways to Be Creative (#10)

April 22nd, 2011

#10 – Someone has to be able to “feel” the moment.

3. A producer.

This is not the same thing as a project manager. Don’t be deceived into thinking because someone is good at mass communication or organization they know how to produce every elements. The producer is in the room for feel - and you can't really train someone to get the “feel”.

Performers deliver the goods.
Project managers make sure there are goods to deliver.
Producers make sure that the goods are delivered at the right time and in the right way.

Think about message and worship elements as a meal.
The chef is the performer. His skill set makes the meal what it is, his delivery makes the meal appealing.
The supplies manager is the project manager. No supplies. No great food.
The server is the producer. Great food with lousy timing and lousy transitions is a lousy experience.

The producer has to be able to feel the moment.  You cannot train that.
The producer has to be able to change on the fly based on circumstances. Flexibility is key.
The producer has to be able to listen in a creative meeting with an ear for transitions.
The producer has to be able to live with the fact that 99% of the people will not know they exist.

These three positions together make up a trinity of sorts that need to be a part of every experience.  You will add other team players – some will come and some will go, but these are the hats that must be worn for success.

Hope you enjoyed the series.
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