Worship Band Rehearsals

April 23rd, 2011
Running A Worship Band Rehearsal

Time is of the essence. Not only our time, but the time of the people who are serving in our worship ministries. They don’t have a lot of it, and they’re gracious enough to give their time to support the worship ministries in our churches. So, when they show up for a rehearsal, the responsibility falls on our shoulders to make sure we’re doing our absolute best to use their time wisely & efficiently.

That’s why we’re talking about running a worship band rehearsal. We discuss each of our approaches and talk about some of the advantages to each of them. If you’ve ever experienced running a rehearsal, then this podcast will be a great tool for you!

David Lindner and Kevin Kruse publish the Worship Ministry Catalyst blog and podcast, a networking resource for worship leaders and worship team members, helping facilitate worship in the local church. Click here to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. You can also connect on Twitter and Facebook.

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