5 Tips for a Better Worship Committee

by Ian Heston Doescher
Whether you work in a large church or a small church, whether you are new to leadership or a seasoned professional, figuring out how best to make a worship committee effective… read more

The Cure for Stale Preaching

by Eric Van Meter
Nobody likes stale preaching. Nobody. Pastors who pluck the same sermons from their files year after year fret over the relevance of their material. Congregations sense when old… read more

Why You Need a Cry Room

by Jessica Miller Kelley
Have you ever had to wrangle a squirmy, cranky baby in the middle of a church service? There are people all around you trying to listen, pray, and otherwise participate in… read more

Conflict and Holy Communion

by Thomas W. Porter Jr.
How might Holy Communion provide the place, the time, the ritual and the spiritual power for transforming our conflicts, healing our relationships and doing the work of… read more

Worship Ideas for Lent

by Sara Webb Phillips
When our staff team plans out worship services, we first look at the liturgical season as a whole. What is it we want to have happen in our own lives and for others during this… read more

Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation

by Emanuel Cleaver III
It is no secret that young adults are noticeably missing in the pews of many Christian congregations around the country. Among this generation of missing in action churchgoers is… read more
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