All Roads Lead to Worship

by Junius Dotson
Worship is the single most important experience in the corporate life of a congregation. It is the place where the greatest number of persons associated with the church gathers… read more

Scientific Themes in Worship and Preaching

by George L. Murphy
“Then shall all the trees of the wood sing for joy before the Lord” says the ninety-sixth Psalm. This is just one of the places where scripture speaks about the whole… read more

Officiating at a Funeral: An Intimate and Awesome Task

by Kip R. Gilts
"Chaplain, I'd like for you to do my mother's funeral." Chaplain? Who was she talking to? I was fresh out of seminary, insecure, and had not even attended many funerals! Thus… read more

The Worship Workshop - eBook

by Dr. Marcia McFee
The Worship Workshop, rather than providing simply another manual for doing worship, offers instead an interactive workshop that helps worship teams develop more meaningful and… read more

Just in Time! Children's Sermons - eBook

by Prof. Anne E. Streaty Wimberly
Ready–to-use biblically based children’s sermons for busy worship leaders. Children’s Sermons Just in Time! offers preachers and worship leaders a ready resource for… read more

Taking Flight With Creativity - eBook

by Jason Moore, Len Wilson
Pastors and church leaders in many congregations have attempted to form teams for the purpose of planning, or designing, worship. Getting a group of people together in one room is … read more
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