Is There a Future for Traditional Worship?

by Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
One of my divinity school professors, Robert Wilson, was co-author of What’s Ahead for Old First Church? (with Ezra Earl Jones; Harper and Row, 1974). He told me once that… read more

How a 200-Year-Old, Declining, County Seat Church Got Its Groove Back

by Martin Thielen
“This is a different church,” exclaimed Randy after the early worship service. “I barely recognize the place!” Randy, a former member of our congregation… read more

Just in Time! Children's Sermons

by Prof. Anne E. Streaty Wimberly
Ready–to-use biblically based children’s sermons for busy worship leaders.Children’s Sermons Just in Time! offers preachers and worship leaders a ready resource for… read more

Taking Flight With Creativity

by Jason Moore, Len Wilson
Pastors and church leaders in many congregations have attempted to form teams for the purpose of planning, or designing, worship. Getting a group of people together in one room is … read more

Redesigning Worship

by Kim Miller
Planning a worship service is far more than just choosing songs and seasonal images. Helping people to genuinely worship God requires creating an experience through which people… read more

Helping Newcomers Feel at Home

by Ministry Matters
Nine tips for Welcoming Visitors in Worship Accept and encourage casual attire. Do not ask visitors to stand and identify themselves. Seventy percent of new… read more
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