The United Methodist Hymnal Compact Disc Accompaniment Edition

Provides accompaniment when a pianist or organist is not available. Songs use a variety of instruments appropriate for each selection, including percussion, keyboards, woodwinds… read more

Lift Every Voice and Sing II Pew Edition

by Church Publishing, Horace Clarence Boyer
This popular collection of 280 musical pieces from both the African American and Gospel traditions has been compiled under the supervision of the Office of Black Ministries of the … read more

Come Sunday

by William B. McClain
Companion to Songs of Zion; discusses liturgical time, spirituals, gospel songs; includes Scripture/ lectionary index. read more

The United Methodist Hymnal

The United Methodist Hymnal provides what the congregation needs for Sunday and other times of worship (including the sacraments): the rites of marriage and burial, and morning… read more

Songs of Zion

by J. Cleveland
Features gospels, spirituals, ethnic benedictions, chants, and songs from the African-American Liberation that reflect black heritage and traditions and the contemporary black… read more

The Cokesbury Worship Hymnal

This classic worship resource contains 296 classics, revival songs, general worship songs, and special-day favorites, this worship resource also features responsive readings… read more
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