Bless the Unemployed

by F. Belton Joyner, Jr.
The economy is starting to look up, but chances are you still have people in your congregation facing the difficult circumstance of job loss and the demoralizing process of… read more

New Year's: Great Thanksgiving

by Robin Knowles Wallace
This prayer is based on Revelation 21:1-6a including the response: You, 0 God, make all things new.        The home of God is among… read more

Silence without a Desert

by Whitney Simpson
Silence does not get much respect these days. We fill every moment with something and then we crave more hours in a day so we can fill those up too. The quiet moments that so many … read more

Worship and Liturgy

by John O. Gooch
“We don’t want a fixed order or any liturgy, not even a bulletin. That locks us in to the same order all the time. We just want to worship.” That was a village… read more

The Lord's Prayer: A Prayer for Life

by Ron Mills
Jesus’ model prayer gives us words, patterns, and themes that take on an importance beyond ordinary Scripture. The Gospel of Matthew gives the Lord’s Prayer central… read more

Prayers for Memorial Day

by Carl L. Schenck
Call to Worship We gather on a somber holiday.We remember with sadness those we have loved and lost.Let us not glorify the conflicts and violence that tear our loved ones from… read more
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