Communal Prayer for Advent 3 (Mt. 11:2-11)

by Kasey Hitt
Jesus, when in prison John the Baptist needed to hear from You, needed to ask if You were the Expected One. All of us ask that at some point, especially during difficult times… read more

Prayer in a Postmodern World

by Alex Joyner
Talking to “Houston in the Blind” In the recently released Hollywood movie Gravity, some of the most poignant moments are of people floating in space talking into the … read more

Communal Prayer for Advent 1 (Mt. 24:36-44)

by Kasey Hitt
God, You tell us to live with open eyes, for You are coming into this world and we're to watch for Your arrival. So many had given up watching and were unaware when You entered… read more

Communal Prayer for Advent 2 (Mt. 3:1-12)

by Kasey Hitt
God, we are a people who are surrounded by noise outside of us and filled with noise inside of us. The clutter within builds up and buries the way to our hearts. You've given us a … read more

The Paralyzing Intersection of Prayer and Personality

by Whitney Simpson
Growing up prayer was modeled in my home on a regular basis around the dinner table and in bed each evening. I learned to pray using written prayers like “God is great, God… read more

Be Where Your Body Is: A Prayerful Invitation During Church

by Kasey Hitt
Know how it feels to constantly be on autopilot?  Sunday morning is often an hour of continued autopilot for people attending church. They simply happen to be there rather… read more
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