Centering Prayer

by J. David Muyskens
In Centering Prayer you choose a word, sometimes called a prayer word, sometimes called a sacred word, that expresses your desire to be in an intimate relationship with God. This… read more

My Introduction to Praying with Beads

by Kristen Vincent
“True, whole prayer is nothing but love.” – St. Augustine of Hippo In 1990 my parents went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, returning with a number… read more

Why Prayer Beads?

by Kristen Vincent
This is a session from my book A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner's Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads. Read My Introduction to Praying with Beads to learn how I was introduced to … read more

Introducing Young Children to Prayer

by Daphna Flegal
As children grow in body, they also grow in faith. You will have many opportunities to help your child deepen his or her relationship with God. One of the most important ways your … read more

Praying with Beads

by Kristen Vincent
My book A Bead and a Prayer is designed to introduce prayer beads to Christians who have no experience using them. In particular, it is for Protestants, since we have not been… read more

My Labyrinth Journey

by John W. Rhodes
Whenever I teach about labyrinths at some point someone asks the question, “John, how did you become involved with labyrinths?” I always respond, “It’s my… read more
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