Veterans Day Worship

by Ministry Matters
Many churches like to incorporate a small Veteran's Day observance into worship the Sunday before the Nov. 11 holiday. This year, the eleventh itself is a Sunday, so a prayer or… read more

Boat Time with Jesus

by Kasey Hitt
This guided prayer written by Kasey Hitt,  will last approximately 10 minutes. During the first 4 minutes Kasey will walk you through a series of instructions or… read more

Using Psalms in Worship

by Ian Heston Doescher
Psalms in worship can be an awkward thing, particularly when the format changes from week to week (some readers will have the congregation read the whole psalm; some alternate… read more

Worship in a Flash (Free Download!)

by Ministry Matters
When your kids' Christmas gifts arrive on the doorstep from Amazon in a few months, many people's excitement may give way to panic when they see those dreaded words "Some Assembly … read more

Unleashing Scripture

by Shane Raynor
In some congregations, the public reading of scripture may be one of the most underdeveloped parts of the worship service. It’s not that we don’t read the Bible in… read more

The Power of the Pastoral Prayer

by Joe E. Pennel, Jr.
Vocal prayer makes a bold assumption. It embraces the conviction that God is living, active, and present in the lives of individuals and in the life of the congregation. It holds… read more
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