Worship Ideas for Lent

by Sara Webb Phillips
When our staff team plans out worship services, we first look at the liturgical season as a whole. What is it we want to have happen in our own lives and for others during this… read more

Preaching An Act of Worship

by Gennifer Benjamin Brooks
Preaching is an act of Christian worship. It is an elemental part of the content of the liturgy. Melded into the rhythm of worship, the preacher participates with the… read more

Celebrating Holy Communion

by Barbara Thorington Green
If the focus of Communion is on our sin and Jesus' death, do we miss the goodness of food and life? My daughters had tea parties while practicing for womanhood. We have Holy… read more

Funeral Prayers for Special Circumstances

by Paul Sheppy
The Death Of A Child We had so many hopes, so many fears, there has been so much joy, so much sorrow, and now all our words seem empty. What we want we cannot have; and… read more

Prayer That Makes a Difference

by James A. Harnish
Just about every church I know talks about prayer. But if your experience is like mine, you've attended more than your share of church meetings that “opened” with a… read more

Officiating at a Funeral: An Intimate and Awesome Task

by Kip R. Gilts
"Chaplain, I'd like for you to do my mother's funeral." Chaplain? Who was she talking to? I was fresh out of seminary, insecure, and had not even attended many funerals! Thus… read more
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