Sermon Starter for Ash Wednesday: Blood and Dust

by Jessica Miller Kelley
Last Ash Wednesday, I gave blood for the first time since before becoming pregnant with my daughter almost two years earlier. My father and his mother are/were big blood donors… read more

4 Myths about Christian Funerals

by Thomas G. Long
Recently my wife and I were biking down a two-lane back road that winds through the forests and cornfields of rural Maryland. As we went around a bend, we saw on the side of… read more

Funeral Prayers for Special Circumstances

by Paul Sheppy
The Death Of A Child We had so many hopes, so many fears, there has been so much joy, so much sorrow, and now all our words seem empty. What we want we cannot have; and… read more

Sermon for When a Child Dies

by Cynthia Danals
Death comes unexpectedly to a member of your community—an accident, a suicide, or an illness. Family and friends need to sense God's compassion in the midst of their grief… read more

God on a Cross?

by Dennis Kinlaw
There are many things about Christianity that make it different from the other religions of the world, but the crux of all those differences lies in the story of the cross of… read more

Officiating at a Funeral: An Intimate and Awesome Task

by Kip R. Gilts
"Chaplain, I'd like for you to do my mother's funeral." Chaplain? Who was she talking to? I was fresh out of seminary, insecure, and had not even attended many funerals! Thus… read more
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