Stones of Remembrance: Beyond the Funeral

by Blair Gilmer Meeks
The following ritual is an example of a service that can be held at a gathering the night before the funeral or at a meal served in the church dining room or family home following … read more

What Funeral Directors Want Clergy to Know

by Lucy Hogan
Coni Lynn Gasch-Grady is a fifth generation funeral director. Her great-great-great grandfather founded Gasch's Funeral Home in rural Maryland in 1858. Although the suburbs of… read more

5 Principles for Preaching at Funerals

by Sandra Herrmann
After 20 years in the ministry, I have learned that many pastors are uneasy about doing funerals; some even choose not to preach during funeral services. I would like to suggest… read more

Cultural Differences in Funeral Customs

by Kathy Black
Sally, a Euro-American, is pastor of a multicultural congregation. When the mother of a Vietnamese parishioner in her church died, she knew nothing about the evening service… read more

Should We Preach at Funerals?

by William B. McClain
A few months ago I attended the funeral of my brother-in-law, Robert Harris. Robert was a devoted, staunch, and active layman in Sweet Home United Methodist Church in Gadsden… read more

The God Who Comforts

by Kel Groseclose
I was a young, wet-behind-the-ear pastor just a few years out of theological school. I had been appointed to serve in an isolated rural community tucked away in a pristine river… read more
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